The Conquest is the UK’s first high performance tricycle that can be driven from a wheelchair. The vehicle provides a level of performance and mobility previously unattainable. It is designed for people with disabilities from the waist down. Drivers can roll their wheelchairs onto the vehicle via an automated access ramp. All of the controls are hand operated.

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Welcome to Martin Conquest

“Our recent launch of The Conquest is the culmination of a three-year dream to provide mobility to disabled former motorcyclists and disabled aspiring motorcyclists.

“The Conquest is based on the BMW R-Series motorcycle and is the first mass-produced high performance tricycle available in the UK that can be driven from a wheelchair. The Conquest’s second unique feature is that it has a reverse gear.

“The vehicle is user-friendly yet provides the ‘freedom to be wild’ that is missing from many people’s lives. After gaining some insight into what it is to be disabled I wanted to build a beautiful machine that would completely change some disabled people’s lives. I believe this is what I have done with The Conquest.

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“We are delighted that the National Association for Bikers with a Disability (NABD) worked with us closely as we developed The Conquest and we are grateful for their support and encouragement. Rick Hulse, NABD Chairman has told me, “The Conquest Trike is the most exciting innovation of the last ten years for disabled motorcyclists. The ability to ride from the wheelchair will open up the world of biking to countless more disabled people throughout the world.” My team and I are very proud to receive such an endorsement of our efforts.

“Cyclone Mobility & Fitness Equipment Limited has also provided us with much encouragement and technical advice and we are very grateful for their continuing input.

BMW’s technical assistance and support has been essential for the success of the venture, and we are equally grateful to the smaller engineering suppliers who have worked so closely with us.”

Man With A Van Plus” has also been essencial to our project as our man with a van,tranporting our equipment all over UK and Europe.

                                                                                                                                                     Alan Martin
                                                                                                                                                               Founder and Principal Architect