faqFAQs – Updated in May 2016

    1. What driving license do I need to ride The Conquest?

      In the UK a full or provisional car license is required.
    2. What about warranty?

      A 12 month, 15,000 mile warranty is provided with The Conquest. Details available on request.
    3. What about servicing? How often, by whom, what cost?

      Full service back up is provided by Martin Conquest at 6,000 mile intervals. The company will collect / deliver the vehicles. This service will be provided by Martin Conquest on a fully inclusive basis and will cost indicatively £500.
    4. Turning circle?

      The diameter of the turning circle is approximately 25 feet (7.6 metres)
    5. Is it available on Motability?

      We have opened discussions with Motability (the UK organisation which provides financial support to disabled motorists) about the eligibility of The Conquest for the Motability lease or hire purchase schemes.
    6. Is some lease / purchase arrangement possible?

      We are currently negotiating arrangements with a number of potential UK finance providers.
    7. What about breakdown cover? Will the RAC / AA etc. cover it?

      We have made arrangements to supply each Conquest with a RAC recovery service.
    8. What width of wheelchair will it accommodate?

      The Conquest is designed to accommodate wheelchairs up to 75 cms (29 inches) in width.
    9. How can I find out if a locking pin can be attached to my chair?

      The locking arrangement we use does not work on a chair with a collapsible frame. The locking system we use (EZ Lock Wheelchair Docking system – see http://www.ezlock.net/home.htm ) has been fitted to many mini-bus type vehicles for the transport of wheelchair users to and from hospital. Many wheelchair manufacturers will therefore be familiar with our locking system and will be able to advise on the suitability of specific wheelchairs. If this route of inquiry is unproductive, we will also, of course, carry out research on the customer’s behalf.


    1. Can the locking pin be detached and re-attached?

      The locking pin assembly is comprised of two components. The first of which is a frame and the second is the pin which is attached to the frame. The frame is a permanent fixture but the pin is detachable.
    2. How do you attach the locking pin? Do I need a temporary chair?

      In most cases we would be able to attach the locking pin assembly to a chair in less than two hours. This can either be arranged by appointment in advance or when you collect the vehicle from our Works.

      Where it is not possible to bring the wheelchair to our Works we will agree alternative arrangements.

    3. Is there scope for it to carry luggage?

      Yes. There is space behind the wheelchair to store luggage or shopping but it may not be possible to remove this before exiting The Conquest without third party help.

      In addition we are currently working on the provision of pannier-type racks on the left and right flanks, map pockets & small glove / storage compartments.

    4. Can it carry a passenger?

      Yes in theory. We are currently awaiting clarification of the UK regulations governing the carriage of additional personnel and these will determine the feasibility and viability of fitting passenger seating.

      Each vehicle is fitted with a seat for an instructor to use whilst teaching people to drive The Conquest.

    5. What are the passenger seat options? How much do they cost?

      As soon as the requirements of the UK regulations are clarified we will be able to finalise the options and costs.


  1. Do I need to wear a helmet when driving it?
    Regulations covering the requirement to wear helmets on motorcycles exclude three-wheeled vehicles such as The Conquest. However, we recommend that a helmet be worn.
  2. What about seat belts?

    In the UK a registered disabled driver operating the vehicle from a wheelchair would not need to wear a seatbelt. We will be able to clarify the requirements for passengers once the position on regulations referred to above has been finalised.

  3. What are the standard body colours?


  4. What are the metallic colours available as options?

    Most colours are available in metallic finish for the extra cost quoted in the price list.

  5. What is the expected delivery time?

    4-6 weeks from receipt of deposit.

  6. Is a fully automatic option available?

    Not at present but we have started a development programme aimed at providing this option.

  7. Can a ‘repeating’ speedometer be inserted in the ‘near’ dashboard?

    Yes, but we haven’t yet determined the cost.

  8. Where can I display my tax disc and my disabled badge?

    A standard motorcycle fitment will be provided for the tax disc. We will also supply and fit a means of securing the disabled badge on the vehicle if required.