A last minute but very welcome addition has been announced for the West Motorcycle Show at Westpoint Centre in Exeter, to be held on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th August.

Martin Conquest, a specialist trike builder for wheelchair bound riders, will be displaying one of its beautifully engineered machines alongside The National Association for Bikers with a Disability (NABD) in the main exhibition hall.

At its heart, this unique machine is powered by the engine from a BMW R1150R motorcycle and offers the convenience of a “wheel in, lock down and ride off” approach to motorcycling adventures for riders with a disability. So impressed was he with the concept that Sir John Williams, Principal of the Williams Formula 1 Team, supported the company with initial funding. Since then Martin Conquest has grown and now work closely with a number of organisations including NABD and the Spinal Injuries Association.

Motorcyclists have a wide range of interests and needs and The Conquest high-performance tricycle adds another dimension to the extensive range of sports bikes and touring bikes, mini moto’s and scooters, off-road scramblers and classic bikes that will grace the Annual South West Motorcycle Show.

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